About us and History

About us and History

The first version of helimodelos.com blog was created in 2012 by Rafael Biriba.

Originally created in portuguese (Brazil), the main goal of the blog was to share news and tutoriais about the RC Helicopter world.

The naming Helimodelos comes from the portuguese Heli + Modelos, where Heli translates into Helicopters and Modelos translate into miniatures. So the literal translation would be Heliminiatures.

Around 2015, Rafael decided for a break on his hobbies and the original portuguese blog got deprecated fast.

But the history is not over! In 2022 the blog is returning, this time in both english and portuguese, trying to cover more ground and help more people!

The decision of keeping the Helimodelos naming was by purpose, to keep the blog history alive.

So, bookmark this page and wait for future news, posts and tutorials.

As always, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome! Feel free to approach us at contact page