Unleashing the OMPHobby M4 MAX: Elevating RC Helicopter Excellence

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Unleashing the OMPHobby M4 MAX: Elevating RC Helicopter Excellence

Unleashing the OMPHobby M4 MAX: Elevating RC Helicopter Excellence

Excitement takes flight with the all-new OMPHobby M4 MAX helicopter!

Introducing the OMPHobby M4 MAX, a groundbreaking addition to the OMPHobby family that takes the proven M4 airframe to new heights. Designed by the talented Jonas Wackershauser, this sleek marvel boasts a range of features that redefine your RC helicopter experience.

Key Features

Proven Foundation, Enhanced Performance

Built upon the beloved M4 airframe, the MAX retains all the features enthusiasts adore. The inclusion of 420mm blades ensures lower disc loading, paving the way for smoother and more dynamic flying styles, delivering a floatier feeling in the skies.

Stylish Canopies for Every Mood

Three new tri-colored canopies, designed with multi-colored paint schemes, provide not only a fresh aesthetic but also excellent visibility in all conditions. Coupled with white skids and a large carbon tail boom, the M4 MAX stands out on the flying field.

OMPHobby M4 MAX Canopies

Powerful Propulsion

The M4 MAX boasts a more powerful SUNNYSKY R80-7 main motor, over 30% larger than its predecessor. This motor delivers extraordinary torque at both low and high RPMs, ensuring a thrilling flight experience every time.


Tailored Tail Components

The new tail boom and tail case enable the use of a wider belt for optimal power transfer to the tail. Dynamic weights in the tail rotor further reduce yaw servo loads, enhancing overall stability and control.

Tail Components

Versatile Battery Options

Compatible with certain battery sizes shared with the M4, the M4 MAX accommodates the OMPHOBBY 6S 2000mAh 70C batteries. Enjoy 3 minutes of 3D flying or up to 15 minutes of sports flying with an approximate flying weight of 1500g.

Availability and Pricing

The OMPHobby M4 MAX is set to soar into the market this October, offering two enticing packages:

  • Combo Kits: USD 749
  • Kits: USD 529

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your RC helicopter experience with the OMPHobby M4 MAX. Stay tuned for a new era of exciting flight envelopes and limitless possibilities!

OMPHobby M4 MAX in Action

Ready to take your RC flying to new heights? Dive into the world of the OMPHobby M4 MAX!

Build videos

Flying videos

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